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Our earth is very vulnerable, we are running out of resources and so conserving, what has already been crafted is vital if we are to live in a sustainable and responsible way


Repairing, reusing, remaking and restoring is a way of saving our earths valuable and finite resources, please bring us items to restore and bring back into use. This will bring you great pleasure, and it will be helping to sustain the resources in a very real way.


Dont discard - reuse, recycle, revive, reform - restore!

We offer the following services: restoration of wood, metal, ceramic, upholstery, carving, pigment matching, painting, gilding, lacquering, touching up works of art, french polishing refinishing of 20th century objects, jewellery making and bespoke furniture and stands.

See some of the many items we have restored over the years. No restoration is the same and every item has its own unique challenge and approach. Hence why we prefer to discuss, view and evaluate before quoting a price. Look at the work to get a feel for the quality of the craftsmanship and then contact us via the form below or by telephone.


Our restorations